Research paper about deep eutectic solvent pretreatment of cork dust published

Today, the publication “Deep eutectic solvent pretreatment of cork dust – Effects on biomass composition, phenolic extraction and anaerobic degradability” authored by many different ReMe-diation team members was published, congrationlations!

The research paper is about the extraction of value-added products from residual biomass using deep eutectic solvents. These solvents are considered an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional solvents. By using them, value-added products such as phenolic components could successfully be extracted from the residual biomass used. The remainder from the proposed biorefinery process were further examined for their suitability for biogas production in order to exploit the full potential of the residual biomass.

The publication can be found here (DOI: 10.1016/j.wasman.2024.04.007).