IEES Conference and 3rd ReMe-diation project meeting in Chania

There are many reasons to visit the Greek island of Crete. For us there were two more reasons this week: First, the conference “Closed cycles and the Circular Society 2023: The power of ecological engineering” of the International Ecological Engineering Society (IEES) organized by our project partner Alexandros Stefanakis and second, our 3rd joint ReMe-diation project meeting. At the IEES-conference, the ReMe-diation project was represented by many participants and activities. There were three presentations and four posters contributed by project members:

> Presentation: “Deep eutectic solvent pretreatment of cork dust: effects on biomass composition, phenolic extraction and anaerobic degradability” by Simel Bağder Elmacı from Ankara University.
> Presentation: “Deep eutectic solvent pre-treatment of residual biomass streams – effects on anaerobic degradability” by Jana Schultz from Hamburg University of Technology.
> Presentation: “Performance of pilot-scale vertical flow constructed wetlands with and without aeration for municipal wastewater treatment” by Panagiotis Regouzas from Technical University of Crete.
> Poster: “Bioethanol production from microwave-assisted deep eutectic solvent pretreated wheat straw” from Asli Isci Yakan from Ankara University.
> Poster: “Deep eutectic solvent pretreatment of olive pomace” from Dicle Delal Aslanhan from Ankara University.
> Poster: “Deep eutectic solvent pretreatment of olive tree biomass” from Miyase Deniz Çam from Ankara University.
> Poster: “Production of biogenic aromatics from lignocellulosic agricultural residues” from Timo Steinbrecher from Hamburg University of Technology.

Material from these posters and presentations can be found here. We would like to thank the whole organizing team of the conference for this excellent opportunity to exchange ideas for more ecological solutions.

Left: ReMe-diation project members Marvin Scherzinger, Timo Steinbrecher, Jana Schultz, Asli Isci Yakan and Dicle Delal Aslanhan (from left to right) in front of a project-related poster. Right: Jana Schultz during her presentation on the anaerobic digestibility of pre-treated agricultural residues.


Furthermore, we would like to explicitly thank Alexandros Stefanakis for organizing the hosting of our 3rd joint ReMe-diation project meeting in the beautiful botanical garden of the TU Crete – the pictures posted give some impressions. It was great to see the progress of all partner   s in their research. At the next project meeting in February – time is running quickly – the project will already have reached its halftime.

Impressions from the 3rd ReMe-diation project meeting, which took place in the beautiful botanical garden of the TUC.